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Visit the Night of the Masks with a Elite Escort Services

Have you ever seen the movie Eyes Wide Shut? In the film, Tom Cruise plays a doctor who visits a secret mansion and witnesses an incredible sex orgy between people wearing masks, with much swapping of partners and other kinky games.

Did you know that the film inspired people to create such amazing sex parties in real life? All over the world, people enjoy to meet and have wild sex with strangers in luxury surroundings, every night of the week.

The reason why you perhaps have not heard of such erotic rendezvous is because for obvious reasons, the people involved require discretion, and in many cases you must go as a couple, and it can be difficult to persuade your wife or girlfriend to lose their inhibitions.

One of of the most luxury types of events are arranged in Germany by the Xclusiv group, who hire every month a castle in Germany, and you can come dressed in appropriate clothing for fun and eroticism. They call these events, the Night of the Masks

If you find it a problem for whatever reason to invite your wife or girlfriend with you to such an event, please consider hiring a sexy and beautiful Escort for the occasion, as many of them are very comfortable with attending swinging events. In the company of one our escort companions, you too can live out your erotic fantasy of sex with strangers, just like in the move Eyes Wide Shut!

Take a VIP Escort to the Monaco Grand Prix

Do you enjoy motorsport? Do you enjoy luxury? Do you enjoy meeting beautiful, classy and sexy ladies, who want nothing more than to treat you like a king? Then how about combining all three of these by inviting a Escort to the Monaco Grand Prix?

Taking place every summer, the Monaco Grand Prix is the place to see and be seen by the great and good. Lapping up the sun and some champagne as the F1 cars wind their way across the streets of old Monte Carlo, you will feel very special in the company of your chosen Escort. Any of our escorts would simply love to be your special date on this special day, just contact us and we will do the rest!