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Election time (again) and how to avoid it

It’s election time in the UK, and if this feels like Groundhog Day to you, then its with good reason. This is the third visit to the polls in recent years (actually, the fourth, if you live in Scotland) and many people are reporting voter fatigue by now, with this General election following so soon after the 2015 election and the 2016 Brexit referendum. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to avoid this election. If you try to turn on the telly you have Theresa May talking about dementia and if you switch on the radio there is Jeremy Corbyn discussing taxing the rich. The only way to avoid it is to retire to your home, turn off all media and relax. And we suggest the best way to relax is the company of a sexy London companion from Elite Escort Services.

Our girls can visit you at your home or hotel, and are also available in exclusive and luxury incall locations across Central London. Meeting an escort can be a relaxing, exciting or stimulating experience, whatever you choose it to be. Many of our clients choose it to be all three! When you interact with a truly high class escort then you feel better about yourself, forget about the mundane and hectic normal life, and get a new lease of life. Our girls are international and cosmopolitan, speak English to a good level and are skilled in the art of seduction. You just need to call or email us, tell us what kind of elite escort you want to meet, and a sexy and passionate London date will be arranged. If you are really up for it, many of our girls will even leave town with you for an overnight or weekend break.

So this election we suggest you tune off and get turned on in the company of an elite escort in London from our range.

Five ideas for a daytrip with a London escort this May Bank Holiday

Monday May 1st is a bank holiday in the UK, and with temperatures heating up, many of us will plan on getting out of London and enjoying the great outdoors. Here at Elite Escort Services, we believe that any kind of excursion is best enjoyed with a sexy elite escort by their side. So we decided to compile a list of places you can visit this May bank holiday with one of our beautiful London escorts.

Windsor is a short hop from London whether you go by car or train, which makes it the perfect place for a May Bank holiday day trip, as you can be there and back before bedtime. The location is literally fit for a king and queen, as it is home to the Royal family for much of the year, and visiting the castle is a magical experience. Any of our elite escorts would be delighted to walk along the turrets, state apartments and great halls of the impressive 1000-year old stately home, with Queen Mary’s doll room being a particular delight. Aside from the eponymous castle, Windsor is a lovely riverside town in it’s own right, with charming streets and chic restaurants by the Thames. Lastly, we recommend a visit to nearby Legoland, which will bring out the child in you.

Stratford-upon-Avon is a little further away from London, but a 2 hour drive or train from London Marylebone gets you to this charming medieval town in the west of England. The town is famous as its status as the birthplace of English playwright and poet William Shakespeare, and as a popular tourist destination, it receives approximately 2.5 million visitors a year, including guests from Europe, the States and Asia. Since so many people can’t be wrong, we highly recommend it as a top bank holiday destination. Your escort companion will love the thatched roofs and black timer framed buildings, and this place is for sure a town to kindle romance. The chain ferry is a great way to traverse the river Avon, with a visit to the Hathaway tearooms always a must.

Brighton is a popular and perhaps obvious place for a Bank holiday getaway, but we can see why, since its bohemian atmosphere and the open-minded attitude of its inhabitants make it perfect for a secretive liaison. If you are seeking a romantic and raunchy town to visit with one of our erotically open-minded escort companions, then we can think of no better place than this town on the Sussex coast. Just 2 hours from London, Brighton is the centre of Britain’s LGBT community, and nobody will bat an eyelid if you are seen with a stunning and sexy female companion. Weather permitting, you can sun yourselves on the pebble beach, but a visit to the famous Brighton pier and a stroll along the promenade is obligatory.

Along the coast from Brighton is the charming seaside town of Eastbourne, which is always a fun place to visit. This May bank holiday, there will be a vintage car rally along the town’s Victorian seafront and surroundings, and fans of classic motoring are sure to love this spectacular event, which features over 500 vintage and classic cars and mororbikes. Once the event is over, you can stroll along the promenade with your elite companion, and have passers by stare in jealousy at you. Together you can head to the Lansdowne hotel and tuck into vintage afternoon tea, and to make it a really special occasion, take a bespoke chauffeur-driven tour of Sussex's most beautiful sights.

Oxford is a stunning location to visit anytime of the year, but on a spring day with a beautiful girl by your side, the place really is a magical place. The university town is known for its leafy parks and impressive academic buildings, and is a romantic city to come to when you want to sweep a woman off her feet. The town is also known as a major filming location for the Harry Potter series, and as most of our girls just love the films, you can be a movie buff and show off your knowledge of which scenes were filmed where. All in all, Oxford is the ideal place to come for your romantic Bank holiday weekend with a London escort.

So there you have it. England is a beautiful country in springtime, when the grass is green and the trees are in bloom, and it is great to get out of the city and see it. What makes the trip even better is to have a beautiful and sexy and attentive girl with you, and in our London escort portfolio, we have some of the very best around. Enjoy your bank holiday this year with an escort and treat yourself to the best from our elite selection.

Ashley Madison used fembots to keep men on site

There was some stunning news in the adult dating world last week, when it was revealed that the Ashley Madison dating site had been using so-called 'fembots' to chat with male customers. You may recall that in 2015 the website was hacked by blackmailers, who then proceeded to leak customer names, emails, credit card details and even addresses on the internet. One of the other revelations that came out at the time was the fact that (despite the advertising claims), only five per cent of customers were female.

At the time, there was some confusion about this latter statistic, as male users reported chatting to multiple females soon after signing up for the service. This week, this conundrum was solved by the revelation that they had been talking to chat software designed to give the impression that they were conversing with real-life females. These so-called female chatbots, otherwise known as 'hosts' or 'engagers' tricked the men into paying for Ashley Madison's premium services. The fraud was pretty ssimple: when a man signed up for a free account, he immediately received a private message from a "lady" with a sexy picture on her profile. To reply to his new female friend, the man had to pay for a premium account. In reality, that lady was a piece of software written by a programmer.

In recently leaked internal e-mails, company executives shared documents which showed more than 75% of all paying customers had been converted by a female chatbot. Ashley Madison programmers had created more than 70 thousand of these fembot accounts, speaking dozens of languages. The accounts werie populated wth fake information and real photos posted by women who had shut down their accounts on Ashley Madison.

The scam is really scary, as it shows how far technology and artificial intelligence has come to successfully convincing us that we are talking to a real human (the so-called Turing test). It shows how expecting digital businesses such as dating sites to lead to a successful erotic experience can be fraught with disappointment. We suggest that the safer and more reliable way to have a sexy time with a real-life female is to choose a premium escort agency, who will not let you down and will always deliver. Please send us an email or call us today, and you will be put through to a real-life human, and that's guaranteed!

London overnight escorts

When meeting an elite London escort for an overnight session, there are a few important things to consider, which can make or break the date.

First of all, you should make sure that you will have a good rapport with the companion in question. To help matters in this regard, you can ask an agency for advice on their best girls for overnight sessions. A good London escort agency will know as much as possible about as many of their girls as possible, and will know which of them are best suited to an overnight escort date. Typically good personality traits for an overnight meeting would be flexibility, minimal sleeping requirements (more on this later) and general ability to really offer GFE (girl-friend experience). Perhaps the best advice on making sure you will get on with the companion on an overnight date is to meet the escort beforehand for a shorter date and see how you click on a personal level. If it works out, then consider meeting her for longer. If not, then you will not have wasted so much time and money.

Secondly, you need to work out what you wish to do on the overnight date, and communicate this to your chosen companion. And of course, she needs to agree! If you plan on enjoying a lot of erotic activities, with not much time for sleeping, then that is possible, but you need to make sure that the escort is fine with this too, as some of us really need a lot of sleep, while others can coast by on a few hours a night. On the other hand, maybe you want to just feel the presence of someone next to you, and would not appreciate a light sleeper for an overnight escort companion. The choice is yours, you just need to make sure that your aims are mutual.

Thirdly, you need to consider the venue. Will you be staying at posh hotel, your house, or a rental apartment? Neighbours will probably want to have a good night's sleep, even if you do not, so if you are having too much of a good time, then there might be problems. On the other hand, many hotels offer sound-proof rooms, and advertise this fact on their websites or profiles on hotel booking sites, so this may be something to consider. That way you can have a great time without fear of upsetting anyone. Also, you should consider how much bedding you will need. A single bed might be OK for a quick one hour booking, but you really need a double to have a successful overnight.

Finally, remember that the best part of the overnight is breakfast the next morning, and most of our clients who book an overnight with one of our elite escorts specifically ask us if the girl will be ready for sexy fun in the morning. Of course, we would never recommend a girl for an overnight who was not into morning pleasure. However, remember that overnights typically finish around 8am or so, so if you do wish to prolong the matter, perhaps you should consider a 24 hour booking or extended overnight.

Visit the Night of the Masks with a Elite Escort Services

Have you ever seen the movie Eyes Wide Shut? In the film, Tom Cruise plays a doctor who visits a secret mansion and witnesses an incredible sex orgy between people wearing masks, with much swapping of partners and other kinky games.

Did you know that the film inspired people to create such amazing sex parties in real life? All over the world, people enjoy to meet and have wild sex with strangers in luxury surroundings, every night of the week.

The reason why you perhaps have not heard of such erotic rendezvous is because for obvious reasons, the people involved require discretion, and in many cases you must go as a couple, and it can be difficult to persuade your wife or girlfriend to lose their inhibitions.

One of of the most luxury types of events are arranged in Germany by the Xclusiv group, who hire every month a castle in Germany, and you can come dressed in appropriate clothing for fun and eroticism. They call these events, the Night of the Masks

If you find it a problem for whatever reason to invite your wife or girlfriend with you to such an event, please consider hiring a sexy and beautiful Escort for the occasion, as many of them are very comfortable with attending swinging events. In the company of one our escort companions, you too can live out your erotic fantasy of sex with strangers, just like in the move Eyes Wide Shut!

Take a VIP Escort to the Monaco Grand Prix

Do you enjoy motorsport? Do you enjoy luxury? Do you enjoy meeting beautiful, classy and sexy ladies, who want nothing more than to treat you like a king? Then how about combining all three of these by inviting a Escort to the Monaco Grand Prix?

Taking place every summer, the Monaco Grand Prix is the place to see and be seen by the great and good. Lapping up the sun and some champagne as the F1 cars wind their way across the streets of old Monte Carlo, you will feel very special in the company of your chosen Escort. Any of our escorts would simply love to be your special date on this special day, just contact us and we will do the rest!